Welcome to Unblock Facebook. Our website was designed for all of your Facebook fanatics out there who want to get on Facebook from school or work and they have blocked Facebook. We believe in freedom, our Unblock Facebook website allows you to get your freedom back. Our Unblock Facebook website will allow you to bypass filters that your school or work may have setup to block you from viewing Facebook.

Our unique website is tweaked and tuned to allow you to view and interact on Facebook as it was meant to be without your work or school blocking you. If you want to Unblock Facebook from your work or school than you have definitely found the right website. We are always working on our Unblock Facebook website, improving our systems to keep you unblocked while surfing Facebook from your work or school. So please enjoy all of the efforts that we have put in to our Unblock Facebook site to keep your unblocked from surfing Facebook at your work or school, have a great day and please tell all of your friends about our great Unblock Facebook website so we can continue to grow and keep you unblocked and allowing you to access Facebook.

Our goal with this site is to keep is simple, easy to use, and stable. Our service works with all popular websites including Youtube and Twitter!

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